African Mango Plus
Natural Hunger Suppressant

African Mango Plus

African Mango Plus™ at a Glance

  • Available to Ireland: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: 90 Days
  • Best Current Offer: Pay for 3 bottles and get 5 bottles (2 free bottles).
  • Made By: Health Buy
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  • Delivery Time: Usually 3-5 business days.

Weight Loss Reality Check

The benefits of a product such as this one may assist weight loss. However it will only assist in co-ordination with a calorie controlled diet. Some form of physical exercise should also be included in your routine, even if this includes physical tasks performed during your day to day activities.

What is African Mango?

African Mango is a fruit grown in Western Africa whose weight loss benefits have only recently been made available to the western world.

Used by the natives of Cameroon, the seed of this fruit, also known as the "Dikka Nut", has the effect of suppressing appetite by maintaining the levels of Leptin in the body. Leptin is a hormone responsible for letting the brain know when the body has consumed enough food.  When the Leptin levels are too low a person can feel hungry despite having had enough to eat and the result is that the calories eaten are not burned but stored as fat.

Appetite Control isn't the only benefit of this fruit. The ground seeds are also used to help lower cholesterol and improve metabolism. The effect on the metabolism is also a major benefit to those seeking to lose weight.

African Mango Clinical Trial

Published in the journal of “Lipids in Health and Disease” a study was conducted on 102 people split between those taking the African Mango and those taking a placebo. According to the study taking African Mango resulted in “Significant improvements in body weight, body fat, and waist circumference. African Mango (Irvingia gabonensis) administered 150 mg twice daily before meals to overweight and/or obese human volunteers favorably impacts body weight and a variety of parameters characteristic of the metabolic syndrome.”

Who Makes African Mango Plus™ ?

African Mango Plus is made by HealthBuy, a company which has been creating quality herbal supplements for over 15 years. All of HealthBuy's supplements must pass stringent quality control and manufacturing guidelines. All raw materials are tested for purity prior to production. Quality control engineers have the authority during any stage of production to reject any product that does not adhere to strict quality standards. All steps during the manufacturing process are documented and reviewed by quality control specialists.

Is African Mango Plus™ Covered by a Guarantee?

Yes. HealthBuy give an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee on this product.

Can I Buy African Mango Plus™ in Ireland?

Yes. This product is available for purchase from the online store only - - direct from the maker of this product and therefore covered by the money back guarantee. Delivery time is generally 3-5 business days and delivered by FedEx courier.

There are currently two special offers:

  1. Purchase 2 bottles to get a third bottle for free.
  2. Purchase 3 bottles and get an additional 3 bottles for free.

Our Conclusions

HealthBuy have an excellent reputation in the herbal product market and have been manufacturing health supplements since 2002. They back all their products with their 90 day money back guarantee. Their manufacturing protocols and quality assurance processes adhere to the "Good Manufacturing Practices" outlined in Quality Control Standards. We can recommend African Mango Plus and it's supplier.